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Specializing in Journeys

There are plenty of generalist software devs on the market. And we’re told, that’s not such a great idea.

“You should specialize. You should clarify your positioning.”

And so these software devs start to specialize. “I specialize in domain modelling.”

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Hi, I’m Pascal Laliberté.

This is Everyone Wants Progress, a weekly publication for software creatives who are on the road to upgrade some subtle but important skills. The soft skills that are actually a little hard.

Skills about understanding people and their purchasing behaviour, skills about creating mental agility, about shipping bolder projects, about getting good at doing scary things, and skills about helping our clients and customers make progress too.

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Maybe you're a freelancer,
or maybe you’re a solo product maker,
or maybe you’re a software developer at a job.

With your creative work, you’ve made a decision to move away from playing it safe. You’ve been progressing more and more toward doing your best work.

And so you’re ready to start making some new experiments.

And two things keep coming up.

  1. “I’m not sure why people make purchasing decisions.”
  2. "I keep getting in my own way, somehow."

I ship new stuff all the time, but maybe I have some limiting beliefs.

Should I keep going with this idea, or should I drop it for another one?

This thing isn’t ready to ship, it’s just not good enough.

If I create something weird, it’s not going to sell as well.

There’s no market for this, and so I can’t depend on it working.

People don’t want to make progress all the time.
But eventually, everyone makes a jump.

A jump into a plan that’s not all hashed out. They take this jump because something happened: there was an “enough is enough” moment.

Now they’re moving away from a “from”, and toward a “to”.

Maybe you’re moving away from a “from” of your own:

Articles to help you
make that jump

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But if I try, there’s no guarantee I’ll make a dent. There are so many more people trying to make the same journey.

It’s a vast world out there.

There are more opportunities to help people than it seems.
More apps to build, more service offerings (especially) to invent.
More publishing opportunities.

Avoid selling when they’re not in movement, and be helpful when they are.
You just have to develop a feel for their momentum.
Every person, in the end, wants progress.

It’s about feeding the network with your helpfulness.
Honour your word, show up even when you’re scared, keep the habit going.
Keep shipping a constellation of mini struggle-solvers.

People want to move away from a “from”, and toward a “to”.
Eventually, people want to be making progress.
Not all the time, but eventually.

It’s important that you be there when they do.

I hope you can join.

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